[Vtigercrm-developers] after-sell extensions service

Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 07:06:49 GMT 2016

Hi Somsak,

what a good question :-D

As a publisher, we get almost zero information from the Marketplace. We 
do not when an extension is sold (not automatic notifications) nor do we 
do know who bought it (no email or other contact details - we only see a 
name - and that could be a company name or a persons name or anything else).

The only way, I know of, to find out if one of our extensions has been 
purchased recently is to login to our Marketplace account, click on each 
extension in turn, then see if the number of subscribers has gone up 
since the last time I looked.

If a customer does have an issue or question they generally email us or 
give us a call. We do our best to respond as quickly as possible and to 
help the customer obtain a satisfactory response.

Our feedback, especially for GeoTools, should support our process. 
Although, again, we have no notification when a feedback is left on the 
Marketplace. For example, in GeoTools the final comment is from someone 
called "Stephen Westbury". I know nothing else about this person and 
would love to contact him and see if we can help but I can't.

So, in short the Marketplace itself leaves quite a lot to be desired 
frankly. It is a worthwhile platform however and we generate a 
reasonable revenue from it, but I would love to have more information 
and automated notifications so we can support our customers in a more 
appropriate manner.

1. Our response time depends if we are awake or not. If we are then 
usually it will be virtually instant. If not then it will be the next 
morning ;-)

2. Internally we use Redmine for ticket tracking, mostly because it is 
integrated with our Git version control repositories and we have been 
using it for a few years.

3. We do use vtiger as our internal CRM yes.

Hope that helps.


On 17/06/16 04:33, Somsak Artwawoot wrote:
> As in extension store here is a lot of various apps, I would like to ask
> how you guys managing your customers?
> 1. How long is response time?
> 2. Are you using ticketing system?
> 3. Are you using vtiger for managing enquires?
> I asking as my friend have not satisfied results from at least two
> providers.
> What concerning me is that those apps are approx 100USD each but I
> personally have amazing service for Joomla apps worth up to 20USD.
> Other users experience welcome in this thread. For me it seems like most
> of developers here are not very perfect in marketing operations, so
> opening discussion may result in some service refactoring (I hope)
> Somsak
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> http://www.vtiger.com/

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