[Vtigercrm-developers] Custom View Enhancement Modification

Stefan Warnat ich at stefanwarnat.de
Mon Aug 22 15:44:42 GMT 2016


New exciting modification was finished and released by me. I *heavily
enhance* the filter and CustomView functions, based on my EventHandler

You could add fields of referenced records to the ListView. For example add
fields from Organization to a ListView in Contacts module. (You also could
filter based on this columns.)
Also you could change default sort order of ListView to any available

At least you could "rename" the Label in Headline, if it's waste too much
space, for example with checkbox fields.

The most interesting feature is to add custom columns / conditions.
Implemented in Core is the column to show open Invoices in Organization
ListView. Or in Assets the condition if a Document is related.
Your developer also could easily add more columns / conditions.

Demo: http://demo61.stefanwarnat.de/ (Contacts module)
Get it: https://shop.stefanwarnat.de/stefans-vtigercrm-module/search-plus/
Documentation: https://support.redoo-networks.com/doc/search-plus/

*BUT: This is a modification, which is integrated so deeply it have the
power to fully crash your vtigercrm. That's why this mailing list is a good
point to distribute the release.*
*You know, what you do.*

I would be happy to see similar power in Vtiger 7 Core ;)

Additionally it is interesting to learn what you think about such
It is fully Module Manager compatible, but require file modifications.
To automate this I develop a "Vtiger Patcher" PHP class for this, which
could automatically apply XML configured patches into already customized
vtigercrm systems.
The file modifications integrate a lot's of additional interfaces for my
EventHandler module and no hard coded module code.

*Is this a good solution or something you won't use?*

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