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Błażej Pabiszczak b.pabiszczak at yetiforce.com
Fri Aug 19 08:17:55 GMT 2016

1. Error 500 is an error on web server side, not on the application side
[the applications can trigger it, e.g. when it reaches some limits] but
the web server knows why it showed error 500.
2. Logs, logs, logs... are the answer to all your questions. If you
cannot see anything in Vtiger logs - but you should see - it is
necessary to develop logs with missing elements [just like we do it]. We
developed logs to such extent that they show much more than Vtiger's
logs, so it allows us to solve some problems quicker. You should also do
that. When you don't see anything in logs, you add it to the core and
send to the code.
3. Another problem [could write a book about it] is the fact that the
producer itself doesn't use the mechanism, which is in CE version.
That's why it doesn't work as it should. Unit tests would do the trick
and verify it automatically.

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W dniu 2016-08-17 10:50, Stacey Johnson napisał(a):

> In my situation mail scanner sometimes adding attachments to tickets but sometimes not. It up to email address. 
> Tested with the same files.... really this is weird. I dont know where is a problem... no errors in logs, new installation of 6.5 everything nice and healthy 
> Probably main developer know something, but not sure if wanna share it
> S 
> On Wed, Aug 17, 2016 at 7:22 AM, Tony Sandman <tonysandman999 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Without touching code and privileges mailscanner suddenly starts returning Error Code 500 - 
>> What I noticed mailscanner has no access to storage/mailscanner. Checked files/directories and privileges obviously are not an issue. This is really surprise, as yesterday everything was OK. 
>> Anyone had similar  experience?
>> Tony 
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