[Vtigercrm-developers] Input on optizing VT performance?

Alan Bell alan.bell at libertus.co.uk
Tue Aug 2 13:11:30 GMT 2016

On 02/08/16 13:57, socialboostdk wrote:
> Alan, for the js libs - is this integrated in v6.5?
no, not included in 6.5 but it is based on the git trunk, so hopefully 
it will be mergeable and will be in 6.6 or something
> And/or can i support your work here in a way where we can get it in 
> future versions so we dont have to do redundant work?
sure, happy to work together on it, I basically started by updating 
fullcalendar and then had to update everything else to be compatible 
with that (it needed a new jquery, and moment.js which in turn needed 
updates to all the jquery plugins and so on)


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