[Vtigercrm-developers] PHP 5.5 upgrade results in blank page

Søren Madsen mobilcmcdk at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 22:12:42 GMT 2015

Hi guys!

I have a server (CentOS) with vtiger 6.2 installed and everything was
running just fine. I wanted to update PHP to v.5.5, but after the update,
the vtiger login page is returned blank
 - Just a white page without any errors.
 - Debug Log doesn't return anything usefull.
 - If I right click on the login page to see the sourcecode, this is also
returned blank.
 - I've added an index.html to test the site and this is displayed correct.
 - I've tried to make a fresh install of vtiger too see if any server
requirements failed - but all requirements are meet by the server. However
the installation fails in step 2, when I'm supposed to give the MySQL and
admin info, I never get to see this page. Then the installation script just
returns a blank page again.

What am I missing? Anyone got a suggestion, I'm running out of ideas......

Best regards
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