[Vtigercrm-developers] Don Quixote – final reflections

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Fri Oct 23 17:12:13 GMT 2015


I really appreciate the patience you had while posting this. Good points.
Working with community is our passion and will always be.

If we had an opportunity to work off the legacy and bother less about
backward compatibilities - our code could have been much better. I hope
time for this is certainly near.

Would be great if you can send us merge-request on code.vtiger.com - we are
learning how to get through it. (Thanks to initial collaborators who helped
us getting started on it).

In case you are falling short of time - no worries we will follow up.


PS: Thank you Garry and Alan for your comments as well. I got in a little
on today.

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On Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 8:40 PM, Alan Bell <alan.bell at libertus.co.uk> wrote:

> On 23/10/15 15:34, Garry Brighton wrote:
>> I can bet Alan, it will not. It will need changes in vtiger team
>> financial strategy and following expectations.
> dunno really, I have done some merge requests, I have a ton of things I
> want to fix, but never really bothered because I couldn't just fix them
> properly in the core. Things like vtlib adding a field shouldn't duplicate
> the field if it is already there for example (dupes of fields and blocks
> are bad because they kind of work and then bite you).
>> Indeed Yetiforce is a GIANT competitor to vtiger, but only because of
>> Blazej's team focusing on very different source of income.
> not sure it has the same brand awareness yet, but Blazej is certainly
> making a great product
>> Vtiger has no resources and vision to cancel ondemand app and switch to
>> the yetiforce way.
> I am cool with vtiger doing the ondemand thing and building out a partner
> network, getting the partners to work directly with customers.
>> Who doing good for the sake of pocket - I dont know. I just counted
>> petitions of moving to git, of allowing to contribute in vtiger source....
>> Through few past years it was dozens of calls to action, and silence...
> and then they just did exactly that! It is awesome.
>> I bet, exclusive fixes will not go to open source directly anyway.
> maintaining two codebases is a pain, I am not expecting the online stuff
> to be able to drift a huge long way from the open source repository as
> people will be fixing stuff in the open source version first.
>> Especially that active developers looking into app store direction,
>> inheriting from vtiger double bottom open source philosophy
>> the only way the app store flourishes is if the core works properly and
> is a good architecture. There are quite a lot of things I would add to the
> core rather than offer as an optional extra (gantt charts in the project
> module to pick an example of something I would shove in the core).
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