[Vtigercrm-developers] Don Quixote – final reflections

Alan Bell alan.bell at libertus.co.uk
Fri Oct 23 15:10:14 GMT 2015

On 23/10/15 15:34, Garry Brighton wrote:
> I can bet Alan, it will not. It will need changes in vtiger team 
> financial strategy and following expectations.
dunno really, I have done some merge requests, I have a ton of things I 
want to fix, but never really bothered because I couldn't just fix them 
properly in the core. Things like vtlib adding a field shouldn't 
duplicate the field if it is already there for example (dupes of fields 
and blocks are bad because they kind of work and then bite you).
> Indeed Yetiforce is a GIANT competitor to vtiger, but only because of 
> Blazej's team focusing on very different source of income.
not sure it has the same brand awareness yet, but Blazej is certainly 
making a great product
> Vtiger has no resources and vision to cancel ondemand app and switch 
> to the yetiforce way.
I am cool with vtiger doing the ondemand thing and building out a 
partner network, getting the partners to work directly with customers.
> Who doing good for the sake of pocket - I dont know. I just counted 
> petitions of moving to git, of allowing to contribute in vtiger 
> source....
> Through few past years it was dozens of calls to action, and silence...
and then they just did exactly that! It is awesome.
> I bet, exclusive fixes will not go to open source directly anyway.
maintaining two codebases is a pain, I am not expecting the online stuff 
to be able to drift a huge long way from the open source repository as 
people will be fixing stuff in the open source version first.
> Especially that active developers looking into app store direction, 
> inheriting from vtiger double bottom open source philosophy
the only way the app store flourishes is if the core works properly and 
is a good architecture. There are quite a lot of things I would add to 
the core rather than offer as an optional extra (gantt charts in the 
project module to pick an example of something I would shove in the core).

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