[Vtigercrm-developers] Custom Layouts

Richard Hills - Technologywise richard at tw.co.nz
Thu Oct 22 00:15:54 GMT 2015

Hi guys

Just wondering if anyone has already played with this in 6.4...

In my instance we have a number of layout files which I have had to 
modify to suit my needs:
> ./modules/Inventory/LineItemsContent.tpl
> ./modules/Calendar/resources/List.js
> ./modules/Accounts/DetailViewHeaderTitle.tpl
> ./modules/Campaigns/resources/RelatedList.js
> ./modules/Campaigns/RelatedList.tpl
> ./modules/Assets/EditView.tpl
> ./modules/HelpDesk/DetailViewHeaderTitle.tpl
> ./modules/Project/DetailViewHeaderTitle.tpl
> ./modules/Vtiger/SideBarLinks.tpl
> ./modules/Vtiger/resources/Edit.js
> ./modules/Vtiger/resources/Vtiger.js
> ./modules/Vtiger/resources/Header.js
> ./modules/Vtiger/UnifiedSearchResults.tpl
> ./modules/Vtiger/DetailViewHeader.tpl
> ./modules/Vtiger/DetailViewPostProcess.tpl
> ./modules/Contacts/DetailViewHeaderTitle.tpl

Ideally I simply wanted to move these templates to a custom layout, 
thinking that the system would then fall back to the files from vlayout 
when it found something was not available in our layout.

After some very quick testing, it seems that custom layouts in fact need 
to contain the entirety of the layout folder, which to me seems wrong, I 
would much rather see this layout system treating new layouts as an 
override rather than a replacement for the existing layout.

Without any more time to put on this at the moment I just wondered if 
someone can either confirm that I am correct and the layout needs to 
contain all files, or if I am maybe just overlooking something like 
assigning a parent layout?

To be honest, with a single layout per instance if this is not an 
override system I see very little benefit from it being implemented, 
maybe with the exception of making it slightly quicker to check/merge 
layout changes between version updates.

Would also be keen to hear about planned development of this feature.


Richard Hills
TechnologyWise Ltd, Tauranga, NZ
richard at tw.co.nz
ph: +64 (0)7 571 1060
fax: +64 (0)7 571 1061

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