[Vtigercrm-developers] code.vtiger.com is live!

Hamono, Chris (DPC) Chris.Hamono at sa.gov.au
Wed Oct 21 22:38:03 GMT 2015


Fantastic, I am over the moon about this!

Can I say 1 small step for vtiger 1 giant leap for developers ☺


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Dear members,

We are happy to introduce code.vtiger.com<http://code.vtiger.com> - our new development repository and issue tracker. It is powered by gitlab<https://about.gitlab.com/features/#community> (thanks for the wonderful application).

We have setup the projects under vtiger<http://code.vtiger.com/u/vtiger> account.

 *   vtiger/vtigercrm<http://code.vtiger.com/vtiger/vtigercrm> (6.4.0 version onwards)
 *   vtiger/customerportal<http://code.vtiger.com/vtiger/customerportal> (6.4.0 version onwards)
Please send us an email at [info @ vtiger.com<http://vtiger.com>] if you need an account at code.vtiger.com<http://code.vtiger.com>
(this hopefully help us fight spam signups - while we get started on).

With this account you will be able to:

 *   Browser, fork and collaborate with projects available.
 *   Report Issues and get updates.
 *   Create new Vtiger based extension projects.
NOTE: trac.vtiger.com<http://trac.vtiger.com> - which served us until now will be in read-only mode.

Kindly use code.vtiger.com<http://code.vtiger.com> to report issues and follow updates.

Vtiger Team
FB<http://www.facebook.com/vtiger> I Twit<http://twitter.com/vtigercrm> I LIn<https://www.linkedin.com/company/1270573?trk=tyah> I Blog<https://blogs.vtiger.com> I Website<https://www.vtiger.com/>
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