[Vtigercrm-developers] Custom Date Fields still broken in Reports

Preexo preexo at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 20 03:01:09 GMT 2015

Thanks Prasad! Good to hear, all of it! A release cycle of 5 months sounds
like a good plan to make sure vtiger-os stays a living product.

Moving the repository to somewhere more accessible for external PRs will be
good. If github or gitlab probably doesn't matter, but I would always go
with the most common one ;)
Any plans about improving the user forum which gets spammed really badly at
the moment?

Prasad-14 wrote
> Features developed for Ondemand are dependent on home-grown services which
> cease to work without it. So moving them on to marketplace is not
> possible.

I don't get this, sorry... I don't understand at all, Could you please
Why can the module builder of the on demand version for example not be
released as a module?
Why can't the much better taxation system of the on demand not be released
as a module?
Why did someone have to reinvent the wheel about the global search, why
didn't you release this as a module?
What about the payments module?
Quickbooks integration module?
This list could go on and on... I can not believe that all of those features
and improvements can not be released as modules through the marketplace for
the open source installations to buy them and use them as well.
Honestly, if those above features can not be developed as modules, then you
might want to put more focus on the module engine of vtiger, features like
that need to be able to be modular and I can not understand why you would
want to hold them back and make third parties to reinvent the wheel and
develop them again... Is it just me who shivers whenever I hear the words
"reinvent the wheel"?

I can see a bright future if vtiger puts more weight on the open source
spirit again :) But I appreciate your efforts already!

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