[Vtigercrm-developers] calendar todo issue

lucia digirolamo l.digirolamo at websonica.net
Mon Oct 19 07:53:53 GMT 2015

Hi, on my vtiger 6.1 installation I need to have the todo public (or at 
least shared). I understand that for some reason this is not possible (I 
hope things will change in the future, it is really a pity that todos 
don't have a public/invite option like events), so I first tried 
changing values in database from 3 to 1 as explained in this post: 
It worked on my local installation but when I tried on live crm it threw 
an error (calendar module had access denied message). So i tried a 
workaround: I created a role (above all other roles in the hyerarchy), 
then I assigned this role and subordinates to each group I have 
(meaning: before this change my groups contained only users, now each 
groups have its users + the role and subordinates). Now all users can 
see other's users task, so it appeared to work. This morning I realized 
that every time a todo is created and it is assigned to a group and the 
option to notify owner is checked, every user receives the email, not 
only the users which are part of that group, but also every other user 
because every user is inside the 'role and subordinates' menu of the 
group. So the above solution to have public todos doesn't work.

So now I'm back to square one:

people who create todos for other people, cannot keep track of which 
todos they already did and which ones they haven't created yet because 
they can't see todos assigned to other people. I need them to be able to 
see those records in the calendar listview. I dont need them to be able 
to open the record or edit it, I just need them to be able to see the 
record listed in calendar listview so they can keep track of the todos 
they already created.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Alternatevily, if the only way I can keep the todos public is to keep 
using groups as I'm doing now, is there a way to send notification email 
only to the users of the group and not to 'roles and subordinates'?


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