[Vtigercrm-developers] Errors in migration script 630_to_640.php

Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 12:11:03 GMT 2015

In the Migration script you are adding a new Timezone but I am not sure 
if it is supposed to be for New Caledonia or for Yakutsk in Russia:

(Cut & Paste typo?)

> //Adding new timezone (GMT+11:00) New Caledonia
>     $sortOrderResult = $adb->pquery("SELECT sortorderid FROM vtiger_time_zone WHERE time_zone = ?", array('Asia/Yakutsk'));
>     if ($adb->num_rows($sortOrderResult)) {
>         $sortOrderId = $adb->query_result($sortOrderResult, 0, 'sortorderid');
>         $adb->pquery("UPDATE vtiger_time_zone SET sortorderid = (sortorderid + 1) WHERE sortorderid > ?", array($sortOrderId));
>         Migration_Index_View::ExecuteQuery('INSERT INTO vtiger_time_zone (time_zone, sortorderid, presence) VALUES (?, ?, ?)', array('Etc/GMT-11', ($sortOrderId + 1), 1));
>         echo "New timezone (GMT+11:00) New Caledonia added.<br>";
>     }

Also, the language is poor here:

>  echo '<tr><td width="80%"><span>Your Configuration file couldnot able to edit, Please asdd it manually</span></td><td style="color:red">Unsuccess</td></tr>';

It should probably read:

>  "Cannot write to your Configuration file. Please add it manually"

And "Add" what exactly? What is "it"? lol


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