[Vtigercrm-developers] possible bug in filter

Simone Travaglini simonetravaglini at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 11:57:21 GMT 2015

I created 4 contact
Contact A related to organizazion A
Contact B related to organization B
Contact C related to orgnaization C
Contact Empty not related to any organization
Then I've been created a filter with following condtion:
[image: Immagine incorporata 1]

My idea is that this mean show me contact that: ((org. name not contain A)
AND (org. name not contain B)) OR (org. name not empty)
So I expect to find:
- Contact C (not contain A and B)
- Contact Empty (becouse or condition)

What I was doing wrong? Between the 2 block condition is AND?
 If I need to show this 2 contact (C and empty), what is right condition to

ps. tested on demo.vtiger.com

Simone Travaglini
328 5499846
Linkedin: Simone Travaglini

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