[Vtigercrm-developers] Repeated event and change of time zone

Richard Hills - Technologywise richard at tw.co.nz
Thu Oct 15 19:18:44 GMT 2015

Hi Alan

We went through daylight savings changes a couple of weeks back, I have 
just had a quick look and both events before and after the change are 
displaying correctly for us.

That said, we have a non-standard config.inc.php setting for timezone 
(localised for NZ) which means I can not guarantee this is working for a 
standard UTC setup, but things look like they will "just work" for you.

On 15/10/15 21:09, Alan Lord wrote:
> vtiger developers...
> Can you please confirm what is going to happen next week?
> On the 25th October in the UK we switch from British Summer Time back 
> to GMT (-1 hour).
> From the user's perspective what is going to happen to all the 
> existing calendar entries stored in vtiger? Will they be different to 
> what they were showing on the 24th October?
> For example, say I create an event in my Calendar now for a meeting I 
> have booked on the 27th October at 10:00am.
> From Manu's description it sounds to me like when I log into my vtiger 
> on Monday the 26th, it is going to tell me my meeting is at 9:00am? Or 
> does the user's timezone calculation take into account the local 
> changes in daylight saving time?
> Thanks
> Alan
> On 06/10/15 15:34, Alan Lord wrote:
>> On 06/10/15 15:15, Manu urs wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> On default  every Time period will be saving to database in the  UTC
>>> format  and it will be render back to UI according to the user 
>>> timezone.
>>> So after changing  the  Timezone  all time values in the CRM will be
>>> displayed according to the new  format.
>> Say what?
>> Do you mean to say when daylight saving time comes into effect at the
>> end of this month every calendar entries are going to show a different
>> time than they did the day before?
>> That cannot be right.
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