[Vtigercrm-developers] Dynamically update "$tab_name" & "$tab_name_index"?

Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 15:02:18 GMT 2015


Dear vtiger developers:

On 23/09/15 13:59, Alan Lord wrote:
> On 23/09/15 13:09, Alan Lord wrote:
>> I'm thinking about ways to add a field to any entity module which
>> displays a value from the libertus_geotools geocoder database...
> <snip />
>> Is there another way I could achieve this? I want the Administrator to
>> be able to add or remove this field on any of their modules as they
>> wish. I want them to be able to use this value to be able to find
>> records that are either geocoded, or not, using any of their existing,
>> or newly created filters.
>> I _know_ I could do this by adding a new field and column to the module
>> itself and then keep the value updated using an Event Handler or
>> something but I was just wondering if I could this a bit more
>> efficiently?
> Mostly To: vtiger developers
> Would there be any particular problem/reticence with a custom module
> adding column to the vtiger_crmentity table...?
> I'm thinking I could add a bool to the crmentity table to indicate if a
> record is geocoded or not. And all entity modules already join to this
> table.
> So if the Administrator wants to add a field to his Leads module, for
> example we have a button in the settings area where he can do this. And
> it then points to the vtiger_crmentity.lsisgeocoded column, a bit like
> the way the snownerid or creatorid works now.

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