[Vtigercrm-developers] list view send email bug

lajeesh k lajeeshk at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 13:27:11 GMT 2015

There is a bug in vtiger send email
the bug is in query generated using list view query generator

can reproduce this issue like this

create a filter in leads with at least one condition(for ex:created time >
while we are in this filter search leadstatus = cold or anything from top
select all listed result (clicking select all is mandatory even if these
only one result)
then click send mail, then it will give you a mysql error. enable
peardatabase loging
to see the error

query generated is

SELECT vtiger_leaddetails.company, vtiger_leaddetails.leadstatus,
vtiger_leadaddress.city, vtiger_leadaddress.state,
vtiger_leaddetails.lastname, vtiger_leadaddress.phone,
vtiger_leaddetails.email, vtiger_leadaddress.mobile, vtiger_leadscf.cf_861,
vtiger_leadscf.cf_910, vtiger_leaddetails.leadid FROM vtiger_leaddetails
INNER JOIN vtiger_crmentity ON vtiger_leaddetails.leadid =
vtiger_crmentity.crmid INNER JOIN vtiger_leadaddress ON
vtiger_leaddetails.leadid = vtiger_leadaddress.leadaddressid INNER JOIN
vtiger_leadscf ON vtiger_leaddetails.leadid = vtiger_leadscf.leadid WHERE
vtiger_crmentity.deleted=0 and vtiger_leaddetails.converted=0 AND ( ((
vtiger_leaddetails.leadsource = 'Band List 2015') and (
vtiger_crmentity.createdtime > '2014-12-15 18:29:58') )) ((
vtiger_leaddetails.leadstatus = 'Cold') ) AND vtiger_leaddetails.leadid > 0

and the error is

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to
your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '((
vtiger_leaddetails.leadstatus = 'Cold') ) AND vtiger_leaddetails.leadid > 0
' at line 1

Its4you emailmaker also has error due to this bug

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