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lucia digirolamo l.digirolamo at websonica.net
Thu Oct 8 13:59:20 GMT 2015


Unfortunately, change the type didn't work, so I had to create a new 
field with type text, then copy existing data to new field with sql 
query provided by Joe

update vtiger_accountscf set cf_{newfield} = cf_{oldfield}

then delete old field.

Now leading zeros are kept but, oddly, only if I save the record during 
edit mode. So:

If I try to quickly edit the record by simply clicking on the field, the 
leading zero is not kept.

If I modify the record by clicking on the 'edit' button, then adding the 
zero, then click on green 'save' button, then the zero is kept.

Really odd isn't it?


On 08/10/2015 09:28, Alan Lord wrote:
> On 07/10/15 18:57, lucia digirolamo wrote:
>> Hi,
>> A while ago I created a custom field for my Organizations module to hold
>> the vat number. Now I just realized that this custom field does not keep
>> the leading zeros. I don't remember what type I used, probably integer,
>> since vat number contains no letters, but surely is not a text type,
>> because I creating a new text field for testing purpose and if I enter
>> here a number starting with zero, the zero is kept. But I cannot simply
>> delete the existing field and substitute it with a new text field
>> because if I do I would lose all the data that have been already
>> inserted. So I have to change the type of this custom field from
>> whatever it is now (that doesn't keep zeros) to a text field (which
>> keeps zeros).
> You can do the following (work on a backup system first if you are 
> unsure what your doing)
> Change the UIType in vtiger field...
> If your field is called cf_123 then edit the row in vtiger_field where 
> the fieldname = cf_123 and change the UIType from 7 (or whatever it 
> is) to 1.
> You might also need to review the information in the typeofdata column 
> too. You probably want something like N~O (or even maybe I~O). Try 
> making some changes and see how it affects your ability to populate 
> the field.
> Find the column of the real field in the database. If your field is 
> called cf_123 and it is for the Organization module then in the table 
> vtiger_accountscf will be a column called cf_123.
> Look at the structure of that column and see if you need to change it. 
> You can change some types such as from INT or DECIMAL() to VARCHAR() 
> but it might not work the other way around.
> You probably want it to be type VARCHAR if it needs to store leading 
> zeros. INT, by definition, cannot.
> Al
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