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WhyStacey are you saying that?
1 - this portal is released opensource so it's not commercial spam
2 - they rewrite all code so it's not only a template

2014-12-19 11:24 GMT+01:00 Alan Lord <alanslists at gmail.com>:
> On 19/12/14 10:00, makeyourcloud wrote:
>> Hi Alan, thank you for your tempestive intervent :)  and for the tip about
>> the license, we are not real experienced about licensing because is our
>> first public project, we will review the license terms as soon as
>> possible,
>> if you have any particular advice we are really happy to listen to you.
> It can be a bit of a minefield when integrating different libraries that
> have different licenses.
> If you haven't already, you should check that each libraries' license
> allows it to be used with the others you have included under their specific
> terms, e.g. linking by API versus full integration, object extension type
> usage.
> Then you'll need determine how *your* code relates to each of the other
> libraries and determine if any of those libraries' licenses will impose a
> choice for you on your own code; as would a license like the GPL for
> example which is known as a "Strong Copyleft" license. Depending on how you
> interface with the vtiger code you might need to license yours using the
> VPL but you'd need to review all this yourself.
> Hope this helps but remember I'm not a lawyer and licensing can be a bit
> of a minefield...
> Al
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