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Tue Dec 9 18:01:12 GMT 2014


My explanation about the subsequent issue I have is wrong-way because
some data are actually correct.

It is more simple (much more simple ) than that, yet indeed the
re-exported data are unsafe =)
actually everything that comes with a accentuation and the likes are
exported without a prior html_entity_decode and that fails on entries on

So my simple fix does work as it is but, guess what... it only debugged
what I targeted.


Le 09/12/2014 11:12, mathdesc a écrit :
> Hi,
> I've opened a ticket on track to adress the issue :
> http://trac.vtiger.com/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/ticket/8360
> I've managed to actually import properly invoices having same subject
> without any Step3 involvement.
> It all boils down to a unsafe group by subject clause whether
> createdtime should be used.
> My fix works also for Salesorders and I guess for any other inventory
> modules.
> Still having subsequent issue inherent to the inventory module(A)
> export format when
> linked to another inventory module(B) (ie. exporting an invoice linked
> to a salesorder),
> latter's subject could be the same as an another(C) (ie. a another
> salesorder with the same subject as B).
> In turn of course, the app could not determine whether  A->B or
> A->C... because the export data
> by itself is not safe.
> -We cannot use a recordid since it changes for one install. to another
> -We should not use the subject since the app allows different invoices
> (salesorder,quotes,..etc) to have same subject
> -So I propose we could use createdtime which distinguish safely &
> properly 
> Simply put adding the createdtime field side-by-side to subject (ie
> for B/C) in the export would remedy.
> Mathdesc.  
> Le 04/12/2014 20:47, mathdesc a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> Indeed...  true core features that really empowers the user usually
>> makes developers busier.
>> But I find that this is good business.
>> Actually I can not stand that a software such as Vtiger at v6 with so
>> many cool features
>> still not come out with a decent export/import process for those core
>> modules.
>> I don't know if I would manage to make this work, but that definitely
>> worth me trying and
>> I welcome any advice in that way.
>> Though for this not to be pointless :
>> If I reach a stable realisation, would I be able to commit this to
>> you in order to
>> find it a future releases ? Do I have to file an enhancement ticket
>> somewhere ?
>> Please could you point me out some relevant dev-docs notably on the
>> import module ?
>> Thanks,
>> mathdesc
>> Le 24/11/2014 10:31, Uma S a écrit :
>>> Hi,
>>> Sorry for delay in getting back.
>>> We are not supporting step3 for inventory modules. As there is lot
>>> of things that need to handled during merge of inventory records.
>>> Like.. Calculations of product related tax, total, discounts and
>>> other configuration.
>>> So, import step3 option is limited to few modules.
>>> On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 3:01 PM, mathdesc <mathdesc at yahoo.fr
>>> <mailto:mathdesc at yahoo.fr>> wrote:
>>>     Hi Uma, devlist,
>>>     Did you get the time to dig into it ?
>>>     For I know, it looks like that Step 3 RECORD_DUPLICATE_HANDLING
>>>     is force-disabled for "inventory modules" as commented in the
>>>     code which
>>>     refers to Quotes, Invoices, SalesOrders and PurchaseOrder.
>>>     I tested force-enabling and bring up the step3 box and record
>>>     definition
>>>     but import fails at some point.
>>>     Please let me know if you want me to describe the testing
>>>     procedure for
>>>     you to reproduce.
>>>     Mathieu
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