[Vtigercrm-developers] Survey module?

Richard Hills - Technologywise richard at tw.co.nz
Thu Dec 4 00:59:36 GMT 2014

We use limesurvey for surveys and have a custom connector between vtiger 
5.4 and limesurvey. Basically it just pushes campaign members to a 
chosen survey access list/generates tokens etc.

Very little work is required in 6.1 to add such functionality (we have 
already done this for phplist when we were testing the functionality).

I agree that it would be easier to have everything in a single place and 
we would consider using such a system if it were created. Not that I 
imagine creating a survey module for vtiger would necessarily be the 
simpler route.

On 04/12/14 06:14, Alan Bell wrote:
> On 03/12/14 16:18, socialboostdk wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Does anyone have any knowledge of a survey-module for vtiger?
>> Or if anyone has considered making one, would you perhaps want to 
>> collaborate? :)
> I had considered making one, with customer portal integration. The 
> idea would be that vtiger users could assemble a survey template with 
> a bunch of questions as related entities. This would then be deployed 
> to a bunch of accounts or contacts and they would respond to it 
> through the portal. I never got much further than thinking about it as 
> I wasn't sure what the future direction for the portal was.
>> I have a client wanting a somewhat simple version, where you can 
>> "build" a survey using different survey types. I firmly believe it 
>> should not just be a LimeSurvey integration or similar as it would 
>> add way too much overhead, but rather be something simpler.
>> Ideas or input?
>> :)
>> Thanks,
>> Chris
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