[Vtigercrm-developers] Saving an invoice - What am I doing wrong?

Hamono, Chris (DPC) Chris.Hamono at sa.gov.au
Wed Dec 3 04:24:27 GMT 2014

I am programmatically updating a couple of fields in an invoice. When I save the invoice the changes are correctly recorded but it loses the attached product.

I am using the following code what am I doing wrong?

        // create the model from the record id
        $invoiceModel = Vtiger_Record_Model::getInstanceById($invoiceid, "Invoice");

        if ($invoiceModel) {
            // set the fields as supplied
            foreach ($fields as $key=>$value){
                $invoiceModel->set($key, $value);

            // set mode to edit
            $invoiceModel->set('mode', 'edit');

            // save

            return $invoiceModel->getData();

If I var dump the array returned by getData() it correctly shows the product and the changes.


['invoicestatus'] =>'Paid' <= status changed
['cf_738'] =>'BZ-0025028687' <= custom field being updated
['invoice_no'] =>'INV405'
['productid'] =>2175
['quantity'] =>1.000
['listprice'] =>605.00000000

If I then go to the invoice detail page. The changes I have made are correctly saved (in the above I am setting the status field to 'Paid' and setting a custom field) but the invoice no longer has any products attached to it.


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