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Pabiszczak, Błażej b.pabiszczak at opensaas.pl
Wed Jan 30 06:56:29 PST 2013

> It is unfortunate that the vtigercrm-developers mailing list only sees
> traffic from third party developers. This is the only developer mailing
> list I'm on that the core developers don't participate -- and I don't mean
> answering questions, I mean asking them, talking about upcoming features,
> and taking advantage of the experience and perspective that other
> programmers bring to the table.

"vtigercrm-developers mailing list" - in our opinion it works correctly.
The problem is in questions commited on this list, most of them are the
result of not knowing the basic documentation, or just applies to the
improper subject, for example "An error during installation vtiger 5.3
occures" - even simple fact that question is about old version should
disqualify it.

All our developers have been working feverishly to get Vtiger CRM 6
> completed and released. Though our team has grown considerably in the past
> year,
> Vtiger 6 has taken all our energy and some more. We are also releasing a
> security patch for Vtiger CRM 5.4 in February. As a result of this, our
> efforts on

With all the respect, but you always have a lots of work to do. Basing on
my almost two-yearly observations I can only assume that community and
co-operation with them has the lowest priority for you (it is not including
partnership which provides you profit)

> *Connecting better with Developers*
> We are working on several initiatives to make Vtiger more developer
> friendly

Programmists don't need new documentation, they need just actual one, even
this pdf (
document would be enough, if it would be expanded and updated on time. All
of your energy you spend for creating new tools and even you didn't work
with documentation, you published for developers - this situation will
always cause problems.

Programmists don't need new communication board, they just need answers on
board actually existing. For many months on polish board was a lot of spam,
which no one could deleted, and you didn't want to give us moderation
permissions for that section. Actually adding new post need verification
which causes that people don't write because they sometimes have to wait a
few days! New board doesn't change anything, all what we need here is new
way of cooperation betweend producer and user.

Below is the list of our modules never published by you:
OSS Import Export                7-08-2012 10 <+48708201210>:49
OSS SMS API                                7-09-2012 13 <+48709201213>:05
OSS Corrected Invoice        7-09-2012 14 <+48709201214>:27
OSS Correction Note                13-09-2012 <+4813092012> 08:45
OSS Invoice Cost                13-09-2012 <+4813092012> 09:09
OSS Map                                        20-08-2012 14:02
OSS Booking Calendar        28-10-2012 09:44
OSS Test Data                        28-10-2012 09:45
OSS Currency Update                28-10-2012 09:48

All of these modules have new versions, new documentations and wasn't even
tested by you !!! We have over a dozen of other modules, which we don't
send to you because it is pointless, even they are very important for
business solutions ( warehouse module, module to exchange documents in
EDIFACT format, integrations with Google Apps). Actually we have over 50
modules, and we are starting to rewrite them for SugarCRM.

We also proposed you, that we will give module OSS PDF for the community
and you, if you only add if to the VTiger`s standard version. Actual
version of OSSPdf is probably the most universal module, which doesn't
modify core system files and have a tremendous functionalities, for example:

1. It is working with almost every standard and additional VTiger module.
2. Allows to create infinite amount of templatest.
3. Allows to automatically save created Documents, and relate them to the
4. Allows to generate many template at once.
5. Has Bootstrap library built-in, and we also have working version for
current VTiger 6 version
6. Allows to run any special/additional function created by users/developers
without modificating source files.
7. and has hundreds of other functionalities.

However you prefer to promote PDF Maker with is functionally limited,
instead of make some correction in our module ( if you assume that some
changes are necessary ) and give it to community. WOULDN`T IT PROVIDE

Test version OSS PDF:

For a few years on your Partners list was a Construction company, however
we as a developing/programming company, which created more than 50 modules,
couln`t become your partner because we have to pay for it? Maybe it would
be worth to consider cooperation with companies, which wants to give you a
part of their work for good of the community.

Nowadays we are the biggest producer of VTiger modules, and in our point of
view, the co-operation between our companies is not existing, and there is
nothing like community because you ignore them.


Z poważaniem / Regards
Błażej Pabiszczak
M: +48.884999123
E: b.pabiszczak at opensaas.pl
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