[Vtigercrm-developers] Best Way to do n:m with additional fields

Adrián Granado - Refineria Web adrian at refineriaweb.com
Tue Jan 15 23:24:08 PST 2013


Hum.. Sounds interesting.

Thanks Joe, I’m going to do this and test my results.

Best Regards.


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I would create a new module:
- one uitype 10 to accounts
- one uitype 10 to products
- one date field
- set related lists as needed


On 16/01/13 08:04, Adrián Granado - Refineria Web wrote:

Hi Community,

First of all sorry for my English,


I need to relate Accounts with Products stablishing a date. So, the date is
created in this relation: Accounts-Products.

Later I need to check the Account with all products related, each one with
their own date.


Thanks guys.




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