[Vtigercrm-developers] assigned to field read only in profile?

Joe Bordes joe at tsolucio.com
Tue Aug 13 11:49:06 UTC 2013

I forced that in the database to try it for a client and the whole 
edit/save process broke. It is because if it is read only it does not 
appear on the edit form but the save process expects this field to be 
there. So you would have to modify the database directly and then modify 
the code to support not having that field in sight.

I may be wrong as I didn't dedicate much more time than a quick test 
modifying the database directly but the sensation i got is that 
"assigned to" is an important field which shouldn't be played with.

I would suggest though a javascript/jquery hack to disable the field 
dynamically, that may be easier....  not sure though...

On 13/08/13 12:10, Alan Lord (News) wrote:
> I want to be able to make the "Assigned to" field read only for 
> certain profiles. The idea being that users can edit other fields but 
> not re-assign a record to another individual.
> I've got sharing access and custom privileges so various roles can 
> "see" other user's data, and profiles to make various modules 
> read/write but not delete.
> But in the profile, all mandatory fields are greyed out so I am not 
> able to make a field read only for a particular profile...
> Anyone else come across this and found a way to fix it?
> Thanks
> Al

Un saludo

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