[Vtigercrm-developers] 5.4 - converted leads - default picklist values ignored

Richard Hills richard at tw.co.nz
Sun Aug 4 23:27:35 UTC 2013

I am experiencing the following problem:
When I create an account/opportunity from a lead if no values are mapped 
for my custom picklists, rather than defaulting these to the values 
selected in the module manager these values are filled as null.

I was just wondering if anyone can suggest a solution, I presume the 
code in the conversion part of the system simply ignores these defaults 
and if possible I would like to avoid having to write this script. If 
this has never been done however I may look at fixing up the code to 
look properly for default field values. I would love to hear I have just 
done something wrong, so if this is working for you then please let me 
know also.

I have considered writing a cleanup workflow but again as we can not 
match on null in the conditions area of the workflow setup this does not 
seem to be possible.


Richard Hills
TechnologyWise Ltd, Tauranga, NZ
richard at tw.co.nz
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fax: +64 (0)7 571 1061

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