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Sreenivas Kanumuru svk at vtiger.com
Wed Mar 21 15:14:36 PDT 2012


I responded below.

On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 1:29 AM, Alan Lord (News) <alanslists at gmail.com>wrote:

> On 20/03/12 22:45, Sreenivas Kanumuru wrote:
> > Hi Alan,
> >
> >     On that Sales order where do I record the periods that the two
> >     services are valid from-to?
> >
> >
> > Start and end dates for a service could be captured in the Service
> > Contract. But, currently there is no way to link a Service Contract to
> > the Sales Order. This is a gap we should address in the product.
> Thanks Sreenivas,
> I'm not sure that adding another layer to the line item (a service
> contract) is the best way - it seems to be unnecessary and just extra
> mouse clicks to a user.

You are right. Service Contract might be too heavy for just tracking a
couple of fields (start and end date). But, if you want to track more
details about the service (example, tickets or tasks related to the
service) then creating a Contract might be better.

> Personally, I think the "right" way would be to provide the admin user a
> way to be able to choose some number of custom fields (of whatever type)
> they have added to a product/service module to be displayed *in* the
> line item block of the Quote/SO/PO/Invoice etc... (I'm visualising this
> in the same way the description box is presented now.

This is nice feature to have (show custom fields in line items). We are
beginning work on major UI changes which we hope to release as part of
vtiger 6 in July/Aug timeframe. We'll review to see if this feature can be
included as part of the release.

We'll share more details on the vtiger 6 plans in April, after the 5.4 is

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