[Vtigercrm-developers] How to sync local SQLite database in mobile and Server side Vtiger mysql database

Ola Sikström ola.sikstrom at creativetools.se
Wed Jul 25 04:16:46 PDT 2012

That sounds great indeed, but unfortunately I can't get it to work.

I actually see no difference to the result at all, if i pass

I can see in the code for vtws_sync that it should throw an
ACCESS_DENIED error if I am not an administrator. Even though i am not
an administrator i do not get this error, but I still don't get any
data other than my own.

I have tried using an admin account as well, but get the same results.

I did submit a bug report on this, as you may have seen:
http://trac.vtiger.com/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/ticket/7456, although I think
I understand the problem a bit better now. I suspect this is related
to a php-warning, as mentioned in the bug report:
Warning: Missing argument 4 for vtws_sync() in
on line 14

This indicates that the user is not passed to the function at all.
Either that, or the user is passed as the third argument, which is in
fact $syncType.

This piece of code, from vtws_sync, strenghtens my belief that this is
the case, ie user is passed in place of the syncType argument, and
user is left empty.

$applicationSync = false;
if(is_object($syncType) && ($syncType instanceof Users)){
	$user = $syncType;
} else if($syncType == 'application'){
	$applicationSync = true;

This means that the syncType argument never gets passed to vtws_sync.
If you want my opinion, the problem that the above snippet tries to
solve should have been solve in the calling function. This just makes
obscure code in my opinion.

Is this perhaps fixed already in the development branch? If you have
any fixes for this, would it be possible to get a patch?

2012/7/25 Vikas Jain <vikas at vtiger.com>:
> Hi,
> You can use vtws_sync for synchronizing entities across the application. In
> 5.4.0 we have added another parameter 'syncType'
> which lets you control the type of synchronization i.e. user level or
> application level. Pass value as 'application' to this parameter.
> I apologize for not updating the wiki document. Let us know if this helps
> you.
> On 25 July 2012 01:50, Ola Sikström <ola.sikstrom at creativetools.se> wrote:
>> The sync-function only reports entities owned by the current user. I
>> think the best bet is to make a custom sync function, based on the
>> query function, and filter by modification date like Adam wrote.
>> I have already investigated this a bit, since I have similar plans
>> (i.e. syncing data with other applications).
>> 2012/7/24 Alan Lord (News) <alanslists at gmail.com>:
>> > On 24/07/12 05:40, ram prasad wrote:
>> >>
>> >> Please provide suggestions to start sync local database in mobile with
>> >> the Vtiger mysql database.
>> >
>> > How about using the sync function in the webservices API?
>> >
>> > https://wiki.vtiger.com/index.php/Webservices_tutorials#Sync
>> >
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