[Vtigercrm-developers] Error Permission to perform the operation is denied for id in webservice for sales order

ram prasad ramtrg at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 06:27:57 PDT 2012


   I have tried to create a record using webservice from my Javascript
Client. I created a contact successfully using webservice. Then i try to
create a "Sales order" using webservice. But i got error "
to perform the operation is denied for id"}} "

* My javascript code:*

  $("#submit_button").live("click", function(event, ui) {
>   var ccid="ACC1";
>   var
>  createData='{"account_id":"'+ccid+'","bill_street":"MainRoad","invoicestatus":"Created","ship_street":"MainRoad","assigned_user_id":"'+userid+'","sostatus":"Created","subject":"Mysubjectoffirstsalesorder"}';
>  $.ajax({
> type: "POST",
> url: "http://mysite/vtigerCRM510-RC/vtigerCRM/webservice.php",
> dataType: "json",
> data:{'sessionName':session,'operation':'create','element':createData,
> 'elementType':'SalesOrder'},
> async:false,
> success: function(data) {
> alert(data.success);
> }
> });
> });

*Note :* Also i tried account_id as 2 (accound id in DB) and account_id as
20x2( listtype.types id x account_id in DB )...These also not works....

please help me resolve this problem....

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