[Vtigercrm-developers] caching user privileges

Manilal K M libregeek at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 19:14:12 PST 2012

On 10 February 2012 20:57, Adam Heinz <amh at metricwise.net> wrote:
> So how do we fix this situation?  First off, a centralized source
> control model means that the onus is on vtiger to do this work
> gratis.  They're a business, they have to keep the lights on, and if
> that means they prioritize their On Demand offering over the community
> edition, then it's unfortunate, but can we really fault them?  I'm
> thinking out loud here, but what if they mirrored their On Demand svn
> repository on GitHub, then we created a community fork off of that?

This is the most fruitful suggestion. Let the community members
maintain the community fork and commit the patches. The On-demand guys
can then pull those into their fork and release it. I know there will
be certain amount of fuss in it, but there are lots of community
projects which work in this fashion. May be a Steering Committee can
be set up, which has members from the vTiger corporate as well as the
community and they decide on accepting the patches to community fork
instead of depending only on the vTiger core developers.

Remember, as John has mentioned, there are many Open Source projects
which frequently cries for help. Vtiger is fortunate of having a very
active community and the core developers should be able to leverage it
to deliver a more stable product.

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