[Vtigercrm-developers] Bug with german "Umlaut" in Contact or Company-Names

Holbok István holbok at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 13:05:39 PST 2011

Dear Gabriel,

It is a typical error when charset encoding is not set correctly during 
the install. *_It is not a vtiger bug_*.

Please check first in the phpmyadmin the database charset. The default 
sql chartset is latin1_swedish_ci .
It is not too good if you would like to use all German Characters.

The best choice is utf8_general_ci (it will handle all öüóo"úéáu"í 
ÖÜÓO"ÚÉÁU"Í äÄ ß ? ? ? ? í Í s, t, r(  etc.  - even the all Central and 
East European characters )

1. You should reinstall all vtiger instance using the right utf8 sql 
database in the background.
2. If it need you should convert all language files for the German 
localization from iso-8859-1 to the utf8 (without boom). The Notepad++ 
program is very good for this purpose.
3. Use UTF-8 charset in importing - exporting data.

It works even for the Hungarian vtiger (and we have a little bit more 
strange characters then you) :-) .


Holbok István
telefon: +3670-342-0900
e-mail: holbok at gmail.com <mailto:holbok at gmail.com>

2011.01.19. 21:41 keltezéssel, Alexander Gabriel írta:
> Hello,
> I'm new to vtiger and this is my first mail to this list.
> I hope, this is the correct list for my mail J
> I found a small Bug in vTiger an thought, you should know about it.
> If you have a contact or a company-name with german special characters 
> (öäüÖÄÜß), they are not shown correctly after selecting a contact to 
> add it do an invoice for example (Screenshot1_Umlaut.png).
> This is because the decode_html function is not aware of different 
> charsets.
> I think, it is with all special characters in other languages, too.
> Here's a patch for this problem.
> After changing that line, the special characters are displayed 
> correctly (Screenshot2_Umlaut.png)
> Kind regards,
> Alexander Gabriel
> _______________________________________________
> http://www.vtiger.com/
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