[Vtigercrm-developers] how to import & synchronize product inventory data

Byambaa Mendbayar mendbayar_b at e-map.mn
Mon Oct 25 21:24:49 PDT 2010

Dear David,

Also, just I have investigate Vtiger Database structure. I had been
using product export feature and compare the output .csv file for Vtiger
Database's `vtiger_products` table structure. (Please, find this
comparison result from attachment.) 

I didn't found the .csv file's some fields origin from the Vtiger
database. (It was highlighted in gray colored in the title row, "Product
Active", "Created Time", "Modified Time", "Description")
Can you tell to me where is the those fields original data was kept in
the database's which table and which fields!

Also, what do you think which is better way for 'import & sync':
	1. develop custom app based on mostly SQL DML level or 
	2. develop custom app based on Vtiger PHP programming level
Actually I have more experienced in SQL database programming than the
PHP, but do not consider it for your advise.  

With best regards,
On Mon, 2010-10-25 at 07:58 -0400, David V. wrote:
> Do you want to import once ? Or import and keep in sync in the
> future ?
> If you just want to import it's easy :
> You export from your other system as a csv file and then import in
> Vtiger using the import feature in the Product module.
> David V.
> 2010/10/25 Byambaa Mendbayar <mendbayar_b at e-map.mn>
>         Dear Developers,
>         Greetings for everyone who had been developing and participate
>         vTiger
>         CRM development.
>         I am new one in vTiger CRM system. Just I try to implement
>         vTiger CRM
>         for our sales & administrative departments.
>         In this time I want to know how can I import or synchronize
>         vTiger CRM
>         products' inventory? Just we have dedicated financial software
>         system
>         for product inventory it was in MSSQL server. I want to
>         synchronize this
>         DB's products inventory table data to vTiger CRM products
>         table! How can
>         I do this, please advice to me that! I mean how can I
>         replicate my
>         primary (MSSQL) DB data to my vTiger CRM DB? Of course, I know
>         our
>         fin/system DB structure.
>         With best regards,
>         B.Mendbayar
>         _______________________________________________
>         http://www.vtiger.com/

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