[Vtigercrm-developers] vtiger 5.2.0 Projects Module

Alan Lord (News) alanslists at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 09:04:49 PDT 2010

In a follow up from the comment below,

can I ask how we can add more "related to" things? I can see a need to 
have a Project related to:

* An Account,
* Several Contacts (some might not be from the same account as above, 
like supplier, contractor, designer, project manager etc).
* Vendors,
* Sales orders,
* Purchase Orders

And the list goes on...

So what would be helpful is if there is a way - maybe through vtlib to 
add more "Related To" facilities to this and probably other modules too...

Make sense?



On 15/06/10 21:37, Alan Lord (News) wrote:
> Hi,
> Having the Project feature is really great, thanks for including it.
> On installing the VB2 build this evening though, I do feel there might
> be a small thing missing...
> The way some of our customers use vtiger, it would have made perfect
> sense to be able to "convert" a Potential to a Project (In much the same
> way we convert a Lead) or have some other way of relating these
> together. From what I can see Projects can only be related to Accounts
> or Contacts.
> Maybe it is just me that thinks this? I'd be interested to hear others
> views on this.
> But keep it up, 5.2 is looking like it will be a really great product :-)
> Al

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