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Holbok István holbok at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 08:26:31 PDT 2010

Dear Alan,

You can use the method adding fields to the Contact module descried in 
the VTLIB (Payslip module).
Creating a php code you can direct the field to the table where you want 
to appear using method:

// Get module instance
$moduleInstance = Vtiger_Module::getInstance('Contacts');
// Get block instance
$blockInstance = Vtiger_Block::getInstance('the wanted block', 

when creating a user filed:
$field->table = $moduleInstance->basetable;

Or in other table.

I am sure this method will resolve your problem.


Holbok István
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2010.06.28. 16:33 keltezéssel, Alan Lord (News) írta:
> On 28/06/10 11:07, Prasad wrote:
>> Hi Alan,
>> Please review the sequence values in vtiger_field for the Contacts
>> module (tabid can be obtained from vtiger_tab)
> OK - I did a quick SELECT and ORDER BY block & sequence to see what 
> was going on.
> It seems as though the sequence number is correct and is in the right 
> block but, if the field is from vtiger_contactsubdetails then they 
> will not display on the main tab - only on the more information tab. 
> This is despite having the SinglePane view enabled. This doesn't seem 
> to apply to the Create Views unfortunately.
> I thought about creating some new custom fields with the same label 
> names and turning off the orginals so I could simply replace them, but 
> I cannot have duplicate label names even if the field is not active.
> I've (hopefully) attached a spreadsheet (ODS) with the sequence values 
> and would appreciate any thoughts on how to resolve this.
> Cheers
> Alan
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