[Vtigercrm-developers] Related To picklist in Event dialogue

Alan Lord (News) alanslists at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 04:04:21 PDT 2010

I have succeeded in getting Events related to the SalesOrder module by
replacing the get_activities() function in SalesOrder.php with the one
in the Accounts module.

However, I would also like to be able to get "Sales Order" visible in 
the Related To: picklist for the event dialogue itself.

I found that the javascript pop-up Add Call/Meeting dialogue (in the 
calendar module addEventUI.php) has the picklist hardcoded in the html! 
But I think for the Add Event dialogue that is displayed "on the page", 
the Related To: picklist options are being pulled from the database somehow.

Can anyone tell me how to add the Sales Order relationship so I get it 
in the picklist?



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