[Vtigercrm-developers] UITYPE & TYPEOFDATA map for vtiger 5.x

Joe Bordes joe at tsolucio.com
Sun Jun 27 16:01:18 PDT 2010


Nice work, you should upload it to the wiki.
Let's see if I can shed some light on your doubts:

noofemployees is an Optional Integer: I~O is correct
qtyistock is an  Optional Negative Number: NN~O is correct
qty_per_unit is an Optional Number: N~O is correct

> noofemployees 	No Of Employees 	1
> 	I~O (??? text) 	int(50) 	No
> qtyinstock 	Qty In Stock 	1
> 	NN~O (??? text) 	decimal(25,3) 	No
> qty_per_unit 	No of Units 	1
> 	N~O (??? text) 	decimal(11,2) 	No

I agree, these are typos that will get fixed. I think I have seen a trac 
ticket about it?

> enddate 	End Date 	5 	D~0~OTH~GE~startdate~Start Date
> [0 Null is a possible typo]
> 	date 	No
> targetenddate 	Target End Date 	23 	D~0~OTH~GE~startdate~Start Date
> [0 Null is a possible typo]
> 	date 	No

Duration minutes picklist - different typeofdata for the tab_id: 9 and 
16 ???

Don¡t know what to say.

This one I don't understand either. I'd say this is also an error.

> createdtime 	Created Time 	70 	V~O (??? for tab_id: 32 - 
> ServiceContracts) 	datetime 	No

Picklist, mandatory entry  ???
This really is very useful, it is just a visual effect as a picklist 
always has at least the default value selected.

25, 26, 27,28 ??? missing entries
Currency in modules - missing entries

These were added in 5.1. and the UI_type page hasn't been updated. In 
this same line, some uitypes have been eliminated and they haven't been 
updated on the page either.


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