[Vtigercrm-developers] Vtlib errors

Mutuku Ndeti jnmutuku at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 04:05:56 PDT 2010

I have followed the vtlib document and created a custom module. I thought I
had made some errors on my module, so I created the payslip module. I am
still getting the same errors

1. when I click on payslip I get "Module name is missing. Please check the
module name."
2. I have commented out "die("Module name is missing. Please check the
module name.")" on index.php. Error 1 dissappers. When I try adding a new
payslip item, I get

*Fatal error*: Uncaught exception 'WebServiceException' with message
> 'Permission to perform the operation is denied for name' in
> F:\xampp\htdocs\m4g\include\Webservices\VtigerWebserviceObject.php:50 Stack
> trace: #0 F:\xampp\htdocs\m4g\include\Webservices\Utils.php(265):
> VtigerWebserviceObject::fromName(Object(PearDatabase), 'Payslip') #1
> F:\xampp\htdocs\m4g\modules\com_vtiger_workflow\VTEventHandler.inc(50):
> vtws_getWebserviceEntityId() #2
> F:\xampp\htdocs\m4g\include\events\VTEventTrigger.inc(119):
> VTWorkflowEventHandler->handleEvent('Payslip', 3) #3
> F:\xampp\htdocs\m4g\include\events\VTEventsManager.inc(118):
> VTEventTrigger->trigger('vtiger.entity.a...', Object(VTEntityData)) #4
> F:\xampp\htdocs\m4g\data\CRMEntity.php(859):
> VTEventsManager->triggerEvent(Object(VTEntityData)) #5
> F:\xampp\htdocs\m4g\modules\payslip\Save.php(29):
> CRMEntity->save('vtiger.entity.a...', Object(VTEntityData)) #6
> F:\xampp\htdocs\m4g\index.php(693): include('F:\xampp\htdocs...') #7 {main}
> thrown in *
> F:\xampp\htdocs\m4g\include\Webservices\VtigerWebserviceObject.php* on
> line *50*

What Am I doing wrong? I am running vtiger 5.1 on php 5.2.9 and mysql
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