[Vtigercrm-developers] PHP 5.3 Support

Musavir Khan musavir at vtiger.com
Fri Jun 11 10:30:07 PDT 2010

Hi All,

we are looking for a solution for a migration problem, any feedback or
suggestion for the same will be useful,

Migration On PHP 5.3 is failing as behavior of crypt API has changed, we
were using first two letters of user name as salt for crypt API.

for eg: if user name is bob then salt for md5 encryption would be,

$salt = '$1$bo$';

but, this is causing crypt API to return a different value compared to
earlier versions and it is returning a different value relative to previous
call every time apache is restarted.

for this,  right now we are resetting passwords to username. Is this fine or
should we generate a random key let admin user communicate the details to
any individual users?

feedback on this matter will be useful.

If you know the reason why crypt is returning different value compared to
earlier versions or any solution this problem please share the same.

finally we are thinking of eliminating the usage of crypt API and use md5
instead, any feedback on this matter will be helpful as well.

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