[Vtigercrm-developers] Thunderbird 3 extension update

Alan Lord (News) alanslists at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 08:59:40 PDT 2010

On 10/06/10 11:13, Alan Lord (News) wrote:
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> Will test the Address Book features next.

OK - Some errors...

Address Book Functions:

* Import Contacts - Works imports all relevant data

* Export as Contacts - Partially works.

Each record that is added causes the following alertMessage:

"Company not present in vtiger CRM INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR Unknown Error 
while processing request."

The Contacts *are* actually being added however the Account name is not 
passed; the accountid field in the vtiger_contactdetails table is being 
set as "0". This feature works properly against vt510 using the exact 
same version of the extension and Thunderbird.

* Add as Lead - Works fine.

* Add as Contact - Similar problem to above. Contact is added but the 
Account name is not being recognised and set as 0 in the table.

I will try and do some more digging in the next few days to see if it 
the lookup query that is failing. Has the query language/sytax changed 
at all?

we basically have a piece of code which tries to look up the Account 
name and get the ID:

let companyName = abCard.getProperty('Company', "");
  client.query("SELECT id FROM Accounts WHERE accountname='" + 
companyName + "';",

If an Account id is not returned the code sets the id to be sent back to 
vtiger as "null".



> Thanks
> Alan
> PS - Will you alter the API version string in the final release?
> Currently the extension checks for both the crm version and an API
> version. I'll need to prepare for this I guess.
> const vtigerVersion = "5.1.0";
> const apiVersion = "0.2";

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