[Vtigercrm-developers] Default "home" page?

Carlo Beschi carloz at gnumerica.org
Wed Jun 2 05:38:54 PDT 2010

Hi Alan,

what we have so far is a landing module, and action, set in 
config.inc.php, at application level.

(We do use this one for some projects, where entering directly into 
accounts or projects list view is considered a small usability enhancement.)

I'd also love too have more and more user based features, like the one 
you mention below.

Another small one a few of our customers would like to have is the 
possibility to set "single pane" view at user level.



Il 02/06/2010 12:42, Alan Lord (News) ha scritto:
> Interesting question cropped up the other day...
> Can we configure vtiger so that on login, and individual user has their
> own default home page? For example, we might want one user to just be
> presented with their custom list filter of Contacts or Potentials.
> I can't see anything obvious in users' settings screens...
> This sounds like it might be a nice feature if not available already.
> Cheers
> Alan

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