[Vtigercrm-developers] Invoke Custom Function in Workflow Task

Jeff Sherk Forerunner Ministries jeff at ForerunnerTV.com
Tue Apr 13 16:32:12 PDT 2010

The documentation on Workflows has some problems:

Under Invoke Custom Function:
(1) The demo function contains the $entity in it ... is this a global 
variable that is passed into the function or does it need to be defined 
somewhere else first?

(2) The doc says to put your file in module/Workflow/Demo.inc but there 
is no Workflow folder. Does this folder need to be created, or can it go 
in any folder as long as we give the correct path?

(3) The line in that reads "The method then needs to be registered, for 
example if the method was defined in the file modules/demo/Demo.inc for ..."
This is a different folder (module/demo/Demo.inc) than what is specified 
in the code above and the code below... I am assuming that this is a Typo.

(4) In this line:
$emm = new VTEntityMethodManager($adb);
Is $adb a global variable or does it need to be defined somewhere else 

(5) In this line:
$emm->addEntityMethod("PurchaseOrder", "method", 
"modules/Workflow/Demo.inc", "demo");
What does "PurchaseOrder" get replaced with? Is the module name? Would 
it be Contact or Contacts? What are all the possible module names that 
can be used?
Also, what does "method" get changed to? Is it always 'method', or is 
this the name that will appear in the list on the Task page?

(6) And most importantly, where and how do you actually register the 
method! It gives no indication of what file to put the code in or how to 
register the method!

I will gladly create a better working example for docs and forum, but I 
need answers to the above questions.

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