[Vtigercrm-developers] Modules naming : Best practices ?

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Mon Sep 28 06:18:22 PDT 2009

Thank you Prasad.

So I understand in your answer that we just shouldn't mind about the s in
modules name and only adjust display using translation.
(please correct me if I'm wrong)

When you say that we should prefix our tables. It is definitely a good idea
but I would like to suggest something here :

Some people are allowed to use only one database and use it for different
things. So keeping "vtiger_" in front of the the tables name is still a good
What we should do as external developpers is : adding a prefix to the
vtiger's one.

It would be vtiger_myprefix_mytable instead of only myprefix_mytable

David V.

2009/9/28 Prasad <prasad at vtiger.com>

> Hi David,
> Following are few conventions I would like to suggest: (Let us improve it
> as we go along, so feel free to add)
> * Please have a short-prefix for the module developed by you
>   - The short-prefix could be a name of your company or reverse domain name
> like java package. This helps in avoiding name-clashes over a long time.
>   - Example: From mycompany.com, the preferable module name would be:
> MyComModule
> * Prefix your tables related to modules as well. This is very important.
> * Avoid module or table names without the prefix. This might clash with
> standard modules/tables.
> * You can control the display name of module through translation.
>   - This helps in controlling suffixing with 's' or not accordingly.
> Regards,
> Prasad
> On 9/27/09, David V. <davidv.net at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi !
>> Are there any naming conventions for the modules in Vtiger.
>> Most modules in Vtiger have to deal with multiples entities :
>> Contacts
>> Accounts
>> Potentials
>> So they are named accordingly with and ending "s" (plural form)
>> But some others don't have the ending "s"
>> It's normal for Calendar if you see it as one calendar and not as a group
>> of activities.
>> And also for HelpDesk.
>> But it's curious that following modules don't have an "s"
>> Invoice
>> SalesOrder
>> PurchaseOrder
>> I came across this when trying to make a new "Computers" module using the
>> example in Vtlib.pdf as a basis.
>> In this documentation the PaySlip example is without an "s" but I wanted
>> to have my new module just like Accounts and Contacts (with this trailing
>> s).
>> So I tried to put Computer in some places and Computers in some others
>> places.
>> I spent a while trying to make it work but it wouldn't :-(
>> (I probably missed something)
>> Finaly I had to stick with the name Computer.
>> Actually the users don't mind. Once everything is translated no one will
>> read the addresses in the browser's adress bar and call you because they see
>> "house" instead of "houses" (or "cow" instead of "cows") but I just wanted
>> to understand what was the convention in Vtiger and stick to the other
>> developers best practices.
>> So how do you guys do it ?
>> Do you put an "s" or no ?
>> Disclaimer : I'm a true fan of Vtiger. I'm not critisizing here. Just
>> trying to provide some constructive feedback. :-)
>> David V.
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