[Vtigercrm-developers] Modules naming : Best practices ?

David V. davidv.net at gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 07:54:03 PDT 2009

Hi !

Are there any naming conventions for the modules in Vtiger.

Most modules in Vtiger have to deal with multiples entities :


So they are named accordingly with and ending "s" (plural form)

But some others don't have the ending "s"

It's normal for Calendar if you see it as one calendar and not as a group of
And also for HelpDesk.

But it's curious that following modules don't have an "s"

I came across this when trying to make a new "Computers" module using the
example in Vtlib.pdf as a basis.

In this documentation the PaySlip example is without an "s" but I wanted to
have my new module just like Accounts and Contacts (with this trailing s).
So I tried to put Computer in some places and Computers in some others

I spent a while trying to make it work but it wouldn't :-(
(I probably missed something)
Finaly I had to stick with the name Computer.

Actually the users don't mind. Once everything is translated no one will
read the addresses in the browser's adress bar and call you because they see
"house" instead of "houses" (or "cow" instead of "cows") but I just wanted
to understand what was the convention in Vtiger and stick to the other
developers best practices.

So how do you guys do it ?
Do you put an "s" or no ?

Disclaimer : I'm a true fan of Vtiger. I'm not critisizing here. Just trying
to provide some constructive feedback. :-)

David V.
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