[Vtigercrm-developers] Whole sentences for language translation?

Carlo Beschi carloz at gnumerica.org
Mon Sep 21 06:24:56 PDT 2009

Hi all,

the same issue is present (and not easily fixable at current state) with 
italian translations.

A great effort has been done IMHO in 5.1 to better internationalization 
and internationalization support.

But with the current system (single language files for all modules + 
general application labels in a different file) there's not that much 
more that you can do than adding new labels - and taking hardcoded 
string out of the code .

I've been playing a bit with gettext 
(http://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/) for localizing issue on a 
client's project which uses wordpress as a software basis.

I find it amazing to work with .mo and .po files :-D


This is a enhancement suggestion for vtiger 6.0 ...


Eugene Babiy ha scritto:
> Hi Paproth.
> In Russian we have the same problems. But in your situation "NEW" in 
> Russian translates as "НОВЫЙ" and I decided to shorten it and make 
> "Нов." but it looks ugly.
> Best regards, Eugene Babiy
> tel. +380660785088
> mob. +380505804768
> Skype: eugene.babiy
> Paproth, Stefan пишет:
>> Hi there,
>> is it possible to use only whole sentences for language translation?
>> Actually, some sentences are build by pieces which makes it sometimes 
>> impossible to build right sentences in other languages.
>> We use the German language-package and have problems on some places.
>> A good example is quick-create:
>>  {foreach  item=detail from=$QCMODULE}
>>             <option 
>> value="{$detail.1}">{$APP.NEW}&nbsp;{$detail.0}</option>
>>         {/foreach}
>> This generates in English:
>>  New Account            
>>  New Contact    
>>  New Document   
>>         ...  
>> The word new is stored in "NEW"
>> But in German the word new depends on the second word:
>> So you write
>>     Neu*e* Firma            for new Account
>>     Neu*er* Kontakt        for new Contact
>>     Neu*es* Dokument    for new document
>> I think other languages might have the same problem!
>> Best regards,
>> Stefan
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