[Vtigercrm-developers] Whole sentences for language translation?

Paproth, Stefan paproth at 4com.de
Fri Sep 18 06:41:21 PDT 2009

Hi there,
is it possible to use only whole sentences for language translation?
Actually, some sentences are build by pieces which makes it sometimes
impossible to build right sentences in other languages.
We use the German language-package and have problems on some places.
A good example is quick-create:
 {foreach  item=detail from=$QCMODULE}
This generates in English:
 New Account             
 New Contact    
 New Document   
The word new is stored in "NEW"
But in German the word new depends on the second word:
So you write 
    Neue Firma            for new Account
    Neuer Kontakt        for new Contact
    Neues Dokument    for new document
I think other languages might have the same problem!
Best regards,

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