[Vtigercrm-developers] Ideas to improve vtiger / feedback to bugs on trac

Paproth, Stefan paproth at 4com.de
Thu Sep 17 05:09:55 PDT 2009

Hello there,

I'm from a company in Germany. We're currently starting to use vtiger.
We're really happy with vtiger, but we've found some bugs, which we
already reported at the bug-tracker (bugs 6291 and 6292). Additionally,
we have some ideas for enhancements, which we also reported (bugs 6293,
6315, 6316, 6317). Unfortunately we didn't get any feedback yet. Some of
these issues are already implemented by me (patch is attached to the
bug), others could be implemented in the near future.

We're really willing to provide some code for fixing those bugs and to
implement the enhancements. But we would need the feedback, that those
issue will be integrated into one of the next vtiger releases. Otherwise
our coding would be in vain. Or we would have to patch our enhancements
into the official vtiger releases every time we're running an update of
vtiger, which would be very annoying.

Maybe these enhancements could also be usable for others? Especially the
webservice upgrading (bug 6318, 6319, 6320) could be suitable for many
If you agree with me I would implement those enhancements and offer them
to you. If you are at variance with some points please let me know. We
could adapt things to meet your needs.

I would be really glad to get any feedback (Bug x will (not) be
integrated into the official release / could be integrated, if you also
implement additional feature y / ...). We really would like to work on
vtiger and help improving it!






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