[Vtigercrm-developers] Upgrading FCKeditor

Manilal K M manilal at ejyothi.com
Sun Oct 11 23:47:23 PDT 2009

Quoting Stephen Mack <stephen at efronteras.com>:

> Hi developers,
> I have been researching the problems we are having with the wysiwyg
> editor with the Chrome browser.  It seems these are known to be due to the
> use of FCKeditor ver. 2.0 RC3 but it is fixed with the 2.6.5 version.
> My issue is that if I update the software it breaks the Vtiger Template
> button (it no longer loads the template). Can someone point me in the right
> direction as to where Vtiger links into the FCKeditor?
> Thanks for a point in the right direction. I'll post a recap in the forums
> once it's all done.

Why don't we think about CKEditor, instead of the ageing FCKEditor ? I  
have tested in a custom application(PHP/MySQL) and it's faster when  
compared to it's predecessor.

Manilal K M
eJyothi Services

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