[Vtigercrm-developers] CP Authorisation Email has no username/password details

Alan Lord (News) alanslists at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 00:38:37 PDT 2009

On 09/10/09 04:30, David V. wrote:
> Hi everyone !
> A few days ago I've posted an interesting message about a problem we are
> currently having with Customer Portal.
> I guess most of you did not noticed it or did not have the time to read
> it. So I'm posting a link to it below.
> That thread has been opened by a user named whitewidow.
> The problem is that we cannot use CP because the email wich is supposed
> to give the customers the credentials is empty.
> I've reproduced the problem (Actually I did not have to "reproduce" it.
> I'm just having the very same problem !!!) and I'm providing more
> information about what seems to be a migration bug (from 5.04 to 5.1).
> Is anyone here having the same problem ? Did you find a workaround ?
> Is it really a bug ? In such case I will open a bug ticket (I have an
> access now to the trac :-) )
> The link : http://forums.vtiger.com/viewtopic.php?p=91050#91050

Hi David,

the couple of times I have set up the CP recently I have not experienced 
this problem.

Our own instance of vtiger 5.1.0GA (Upgraded from 5.04) works as 
expected. And the test sites I have set up have also worked.

I'm not sure if this helps or not, but there you go.


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