[Vtigercrm-developers] wtsclib character encode problem

Fusioncore ml at arceva.fr
Wed Oct 7 07:33:03 PDT 2009

php curl must be install on both server ?
My class was on the website server and vtiger was on an other server. 
Actually curl was present only on the website server
I don't understand your other hint urlencode API, where she is use ?
I search on the HTTP_Client.php and I return my feedback soon


French-vtiger manager

Prasad a écrit :
> Hi Bruno,
> PHP CURL API's are used to handle the communication.
> You might need to tune the UTF-8 support in function __construct of 
> class Vtiger_HTTP_Client (file: vtwsclib/Vtiger/Net/HTTP_Client.php)
> I found the following article to be related: 
> http://markmail.org/message/m27ctd3qzzg7ts3i
> Please update if you find any information.
> Another hint: urlencode API is being used which could be causing issue 
> with UTF-8, please watch out during your analysis.
> Regards,
> Prasad
> vtiger Team
> On 10/7/09, *Fusioncore* <ml at arceva.fr <mailto:ml at arceva.fr>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I have create a bridge who sent my website user on the account
>     table on
>     vtiger.
>     This bridge extract data from the website database (utf8_general
>     encode)
>     and send it to vtiger with vtwsclib. (vtiger database was full utf8)
>     I have a problem with the accent on some string. For example, I
>     have an
>     address "Avenue Jean Sébastien BACH" on my website and when I sync
>     with
>     crm, the address save on the crm was "Avenue Jean S"
>     Does vtwsclib support accent ?
>     Thanks,
>     Bruno
>     French-vtiger manager
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