[Vtigercrm-developers] Migration Issue - Need Help

den jean djeandot at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 08:23:49 PDT 2009

What are we supposed to have like error ?

2009/7/27 Asha <asha at vtiger.com>

> Hi All,
> People have been reporting us a major issue with migration, where the
> script that changes the MyISAM tables to InnoDB tables is not working.
> We are trying to reproduce this issue in our test labs and have not
> succeeded yet.
> Whole problem is around the query 'SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM
> <database-name>'.
> Would be great if anyone can provide us a helping hand in analyzing or
> resolving the issue. Possibly if anyone can reproduce this issue on their
> servers and can give us the access to the server, that would help a lot.
> Hoping to get a resolution for this issue soon so that people can migrate
> to vtiger 5.1.0 smoothly.
> --
> Regards,
> Asha
> vtiger Team
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