[Vtigercrm-developers] R: vtiger Issue Tracker: trac.vtiger.com isdown

Pierluigi Bucolo pbucolo at vodafone.it
Thu Jul 23 01:44:45 PDT 2009

Side by side view of Diff, using trac doesn’t work with FFX 3.5.

It’s work with IE.


The error is in attach.



-        Pierluigi 



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trac.vtiger.com and forge.vtiger.com servers are back to work. Please update
us if you find any inconsistent behavior.

vtiger Team

On 7/23/09, Prasad <prasad at vtiger.com> wrote:

Dear members,

Our issue tracker server disk space is pilled up with log and needs a

Administrator team is working to get it back back soon. Sorry for the
inconvenience caused.

vtiger Team


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